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Urbane Home Designs came to fruition after years of owner, Jennifer Butcher's own passion to create her perfect home.  What that meant to her has evolved over the years, and along the way, she began to share her love of design with friends and family.   Jennifer furthered her understanding of design at the Interior Design Institute in Newport Beach, California, where her work was featured in the Hall of Fame.   Her passion continued to grow and so did her clientele!  And so began Urbane Home Designs. 


Jennifer's ability to discern what her client's preferences and style are is a result of her gift to understand and interpret her client's needs.  The trick, she says, is "Learning how to read your client.  Often times, it is what the client isn't saying that you need to pay attention to. Understanding who your client really is, on a personal level, helps you to create a home that is truly representative of who they are and what they desire. " 

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